7 Steps to Mastering the Art of Photography


Inherit a Legacy of Success

The Dilemma

Don’t believe the notion that just being better than average leads to a photography career. Sometimes we get this idea that simply being a little better than most is good enough to make it. Perhaps this works in the standard workplace, we look around the office and if I’m a better worker than more than 50% of the people, I’m doing good, getting my 5% annual raise and a few promotions here and there and life is good. However, when it comes to starting a business or an artistic career this is FAR from the truth.

Achieving Success is like a secret recipe that is passed down from generation to generation. Successful people know things most people don’t- that’s why they are successful. If success was easy, everyone would be successful but the odds of really making it as a professional photographer are extremely slim. Usually only one or two out of 1000 interested/amateur/hobbyist/committed photographers have a chance of earning a good living with photography. To have a full time artistic career, doing what we are passionate about is probably one of the hardest things in life to accomplish. Why? Photography is fun and who doesn’t want a job that is FUN? Therefore, the competition is very, very competitive. Probably not as competitive as becoming a professional athlete but extremely hard nevertheless. How do we increase our odds, what will give us the very best chance of making it when the odds are so slim?

I answer this question with another question or two… What is the best way to learn the piano, golf, martial arts or ballet? Can we learn these skills online or from books? In general, most believe that we can learn adequate skills from books, forums, DVDs, etc. but higher learning is required if we want to achieve world class skills. Most of us agree if we want to master an ART FORM, the best way is from a proven and skilled master teacher with a list of credentials a mile long.

Although I am not knocking online forums, books, DVDs, etc. as a form of learning photography, it is not the BEST way to learn if one truly wants to BEAT THE ODDS and become a world class photographer. Let’s be realistic, there is NO WAY anyone can earn a living being a photographer without being at a world class level or in my opinion being the top 2% in the country (being better than 98 out of 100 aspiring photographers).

Why am I qualified?

Some people have asked me why would I make a good photography teacher/mentor and here is my response….

A. Certified- I have credentials from two of the largest photographic societies in the world. I am internationally recognized as a certified educator/mentor and as a master photographer- able to produce imagery at a level far above my competition.

B. Longevity- I have been a professional photographer for over 10 years and have plenty of experience and insight

C. Success- I am one of the few photographer in the world who can demand 4-5 times industry standard rates and have won over 70 international awards for my imagery.

D. Passion- It is my primary goal to educate passionate people who want to be world class photographers and have successful careers in photography. I am consumed with help others achieve new levels of success in all aspects of their life.

E. Community- I’ve created a world wide community of individuals committed to helping and sharing with each other. We are serious individuals striving for the extraordinary life, willing to sacrifice much to achieve an artistic career and a healthy, passionate and balanced lifestyle. Our success is predicated on the value we can contribute to the marketplace.

F. International Audience-

F. Results- I have developed/mentored many world class and full time photographers.

Road to Becoming a World Class Photographer

I teach all around the world and I see the success patterns of so many photographers, it is easy for me to see, that the individuals that do really well, have usually been mentored or have been shown the ropes of the trade. My 7 Steps to Mastering the Art of Photography was born on this theory. As you can see my 7 steps are anchored by a good mentor, this is what gives us the highest chance of success. Hear my audio as I explain this 7 step diagram.

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