Inspiration, Who Needs it?

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Why is inspiration important?

Taking on our journey of greatness is a lot like a fish swimming up stream. It seems impossible, not to mention years or in my case decades of failure, sacrifice, disappointment, loneliness, financial hardship, etc. ( Why be so masochistic about life? If we just go with the flow, life is so much easier.

However some of us are built differently, not a lot but just a few of us- we’re the type of children parents worry about. We dance to the beat of a different kind, the ordinary life is just not for us because we want so much more! There is a craving in us that pushes us to excel, we desire to influence not only our friends around us but we want to impact the world. We entertain lofty dreams because this is our path, we can’t help it.

Is not providing for our family a big enough life for us? As a parent, do we not want great aspirations for our children? Don’t we want them to grow up happy, well educated, successful and respected? It seems like many of us want bigger dreams for our children than we do for ourselves. Why not dream bigger dreams and motivate our children by example, give them a path, a legacy of success we can pass down to them? Can I be honest? I’m 47 years old and I’m in contact with a lot of parents and I see some of them completely wrapped up in the lives of their children. They invest so much into their children, they lose sight of what they themselves can truly be. Taking care of our children is respectable and honorable, but some of us want more, we want to change the world.

Okay, back to us dreamers… we need inspiration because our life is very hard, harder than the average life by 10 times if not 100 times. People ask me all the time, what inspires me- to be truthful, photography doesn’t really inspire me as much as a true story about a person’s journey to greatness. I am intrigued and consumed by stories of individuals who have created an extraordinary life, people inspire the world. When I read or see movies about these people, it gives me tangible proof that it can be done. I am in awe with the God given human spirit, it is amazing to see people from every disadvantaged situation rise above and achieve greatness that can touch the world.

What Inspires You?

Inspiration is the vital ENERGY we NEED to swim upstream. It is proof of a better life that can be accomplished. Think of the last time you were inspired, was it a workshop, movie, a good book, a person or group of friends, your faith? Whatever it is, you need to go to it as if your life depended on it because life is too hard and without inspiration we simply fail, we lose hope and we settle for going with the flow. The world is built to force us to care for ourself and our family and that’s about it. This is the norm, the flow, the average. So without inspiration, the norm becomes our life, not a bad life but not an extraordinary life. I don’t understand why so many people strive for an “A” in school but settle for a “C+” in life. Well, I’ve probably upset some people already so I’ll stop.

You can’t change the world without a big idea, the world doesn’t turn its head for a small one, so keep dreaming my friends, keep thinking big because your big dream motivates others. Go to your well of inspiration and don’t be afraid of going to it often, it is your life force. I sincerely believe you were born to be significant, to make a difference, to be extraordinary because you are wonderfully made! If life has got you momentarily down, keep fighting, keep swimming upstream, we are right there with you!

March 8, 2011 - 4:05 pm

jane - thanks for this inspirational article!! 🙂

September 8, 2012 - 12:24 am

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