Create a Dream Team

Find A Healthy Community (Tip #1)

Regardless of what you do, there are things we can do to help our business or personal brand attract more success in life:

Success Tip: Build a healthy community or dream team.

Find a group of individuals who are equally passionate about achieving the same things in life. Make sure there are members of your “team” that have achieved high levels of success. We can have the greatest intentions in life but if we don’t have an example or legacy of success to follow, growth will be slower. FIND A MENTOR who cares about all the aspects of your life. To connect with a mentor, try adding value to that person’s life. Most likely if a person is very successful, their time will be very limited. All members of the group must mutually benefit!

I enjoyed watching the documentary Pressure Cooker (see trailer above). A story about disadvantaged inner city high school students using their cooking skills to better their life and provide them some amazing opportunities. While I watched this movie I realized how important being involved in a healthy community is so important to achieving high levels of success. Part of the formula is to have a mentor/coach/teacher who cares and who has a legacy of success to pass down. I also realized that a great mentor not only cares about what they teach but all aspects of a person’s life because high levels of success require ALL parts of our life working together. It was easy to see that this cooking class was their “family” and support system for many of the students.

“We all have a story”, exclaimed Ms. Stephenson during one part of the movie, meaning- we all have some disadvantage we have to get over. Life is never fair but always provides us opportunity to better ourselves. One way to overcome our disadvantages is to find a healthy community. If you don’t have one, start putting together your dream team today!

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