Sync Cameras to iPhone Time

Do you shoot events with multiple photographers? If so, it is very important to have every camera shooting the event synced to the same time. This way all the photos can be viewed in chronological order no matter what camera it was shot on. This makes picking the best shot at critical moments much easier! Or if you want to keep track of what your photographers are doing or shooting during the day, this is a good way to keep tabs on them! LOL!

Here’s a tip I learned from my friends at Coco Gallery, Fullerton, California (wedding photographers and videographers- rising stars!)

1. Contact all photographers HOURS BEFORE EVENT

2. Sync cameras to cell phone or computer time that is automatically updated.

3. Set/reset/begin time on camera once they see the minute change. All the cameras should be in sync within a few seconds, which is good enough for most purposes.

Having all the cameras in sync before the event is one less thing to worry about and it is easy to forget too! So do your editor a huge favor and TIME SYNC YOUR CAMERAS

Happy Shooting Everyone!

Btw what N-Sync song puts a smile on your face? Here is one of mine…

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