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Hot Summer Day in Chicago

Hot Summer Day in Chicago

This world and the people in it fascinate me. I guess that is why I love to travel. I enjoy experiencing different ways of living, trying different foods and meeting people from all parts of the world. I enjoy walking around new places and taking pictures- acting like a tourist and photojournalist. Images that move me are often centered around the human experience. I like to keep an eye out for people doing unique things in unique places that are visually stimulating. I am constantly searching for those images that define the pulse and heartbeat of the place I am visiting. (Planning a Bhutan Tour)

When taking travel photos, I suggest looking for people in unique places doing unique things. Those things much different than your human experience. In order to do this, we have to constantly be ready to take a picture in a split second because the opportunity may only present itself for a few seconds. We may have to look at our world in different angles or perspectives. Surprisingly this can be a lot of work, much like a mental workout- constantly searching for that perfect photo that sums up in a single frame the culture we are visiting. As photographers we love the process, the opportunity to catch those rare moments when everything falls together, the composition, placement of bodies, the expression, the light, etc.- it inspires us because this big wonderful world is the most amazing place to live and there is so much beauty and commonality in the human experience. All of us eat, sleep, work, love and enjoy life but we experience it in so many different ways. That is the beauty of life and I can’t stop photographing it!

Photography Travel Tip: Almost every place we travel to including the resorts from , have famous buildings, monuments, landscapes, scenic views, etc. that everyone photographs. When photographing these famous places, try adding a human element in the photo. This will add an extra level of interest because we are naturally drawn to people. People can be MORE interesting than the famous landmark. If you incorporate and extra layer of humanity in your photos, it will not only create a more compelling keepsake for yourself, it will have more interest and impact when viewed by your family and friends.

Paris, France


Chicago Millenium Park

Paris, France

Nanchang, China

Euros just love to make out in public!

Kyoto, Japan

Victoria, Canada

Beijing, China

Madrid, Spain


Janesville, WI

Harajuku, Japan

London, UK

Shanghai, China

Street musician in Montmartre, France

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