The Complete Photographer’s Guide to Turning Pro- Intro

My Dream Job

I have a passion to help others wanting to become world class photographers and this is why…

• A photography career is one of the greatest jobs in the world– I love traveling and experiencing this big amazing world we live in, meeting interesting people from all walks of life and capturing beauty and the human experience. The work of a photographer is often passed down from generation to generation, a treasured collection of memories that often outlive the artist who created it, our work can symbolize a legacy of love and life. More days than not I feel free, free to create, to try something new, to discover.

• A self employed, pro photographer is one of the hardest jobs on earth and that is why I love the challenge– the complexity, the frustration, disappointment, the joy of accomplishing something so personal and deep, tears of joy are my only response. I embrace the near impossibility of trying to live a passionate life yet pay my mortgage every month without the luxury of a guaranteed paycheck. If I don’t perform, I don’t get paid, I can’t provide for my family- but this I love because it makes me a better person in almost all areas of my life… in the way I treat others, through the acceptance of personal responsibility to improve myself and pursue excellence, how I manage my resources, how to negotiate with fairness, how I muster the courage to ask for things I think I deserve, through humility- to not receive those things I think I deserve and to have FAITH…to believe I was created to achieve great things despite my failures.

Every moment counts when I’m a photographer because I am completely absorbed in my craft. The joy I bring to others through my work is addicting. Doing good is a drug because it makes me feel significant, useful and appreciated. People send me short and long notes of love, telling me they appreciate what I do, more so with this job than any other I’ve had. These notes mean more to me than the money I receive but yet my job provides for my family, I think I have the best of both worlds.

• Everyday as I get better and better, my world gets bigger and bigger. I have discovered a job well done, makes people want you, they offer you amazing opportunities, you meet influential people you never thought possible and travel to places other people only dream of visiting. Incredibly, people want to pay me- doing something I love. I’m not a rich man, but rich enough to enjoy the blessings the good Lord and hard work has given me.

I don’t sleep a lot, mainly because my mind is filled with so many ideas and things I want to do with my photography. There is not enough time to get all my ideas done. I believe this is the essence of life, the intense yearning to create, produce and help others. Every morning there is a spring in my step.

• I love the arduous and adventurous journey and I wish more people would join me because this lifestyle is intoxicating.

That is why I love to teach…everyone deserves to live their dream.



If someone wanted to know what is the best way to achieve this dream job of mine, what would I say?

After 20+ years of being an entrepreneur, 10+ years of being a professional photographer and the experience of teaching thousands of photographers around the world, would it give me any profound insight I could pass on to others?

I took some time to think deeply about all the things I say… when I mentor, lecture around the world, chat to a friend at 2am in the morning at a cafe in Spain or when eating a steak dinner in Kansas. I bundled these words and organized them into a ball of thought and entitled it…


“The Complete Photographer’s Guide to Turning Pro” by Scott Robert Lim

Grab a cup of coffee and spend a few minutes or a few hours with me and honor me with your open mind as I share my thoughts…




The Complete Photographer’s Guide on Turning Pro” by Scott Robert Lim

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