Jim Jackson Portrait Session

Portrait of Jim Jackson- Pastor of Revive Church, ex-SoCal beach bum, singer/songwriter, author, Police Academy grad, devoted husband and father.

If you take a drive from Los Angeles to Vegas, there is nothing really in between that would make you want to stop other than some beef jerky and a tank of gas.However, as a photographer, every once in awhile we see these abandoned houses, cafe’s, gas stations, etc. along the way and think, “hmmm, that might be a cool place to shoot”. Well, my client Jim, actually did find one of these places, in beautiful Ludlow, CA- a couple hours outside of Los Angeles.

Was it really worth the drive? I think so, I’m always looking to do interesting portrait session, clients who want to do something edgy, kinda different. Jim wanted some photos for a variety of different things including a portrait for his new book that is being published. This place was so isolated, we only saw two cars pass by during the entire time we were there! Don’t ask me how to get here either because I’m being selfish and keeping this place all to myself- although, I’d love to have a workshop here! LOL! You can probably do a Google search and easily find this place.

Jim for sure gets the “Hot Pastor of the Month Award”. I’m not even sure you’re suppose to put the words “hot” and “pastor” together, especially when he’s married and a devoted father! I did this session way back in July and often when I lecture around the country, I like to show current pictures of sessions straight from my camera. For a long time I had this session in my camera and I would frequently show lighting techniques from Jim’s pictures. Of course all my lady photographer friends would mention, “Who’s that guy?… he’s hot.” If you would like to find out more about Jim please visit www.dayswithjesus.com

I was using my Sony A850 with a 24-70 Carl Zeiss F2.8 and of course my Tiny Triggers and some Strobie 130s. The sun was pretty bright so I used a couple on a stick when the light was bright.

Here are a few of my favorites…

I call this image "The Mad Professor", I used three flashes, one using a CTO gel on the wall, the other with a blue gel on the water and one on the subject, with a reflector to open up the shadow side of the face.This shot pretty much looks similar in camera with some minor editing all done in Lightroom.

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Please contact me if interested in doing a fashion forward, stylized portrait session. scott@scottrobertgallery.com

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