6 Pack for Sale- the happy Flasher!!

This Item is Sold (more deals posted regularly)


Back of flash is identical on each flash. 1/16 - Full, 5 stops



6 Amazing Manual Flashes $295

If you are needing some dependable, durable and powerful flashes without spending an arm and a leg I’ve got an AWESOME deal for you. I’ve tested all these flashes, some I barely used and they all work great. They don’t make things like they use to so these durable flashes were industry standards back in the day. In fact you can still find these babies on Ebay and they go for around $90 still!!


A rare autographed copy!!!

I’m gonna include my $95 Learning guide on CD for FREE and my collector flash guide set of 9 flash guide cards!


If you would like my trigger system that would fire ALL 6 OF THESE FLASHES off camera with a dependable radio system- just add $300 and you get 1 transmitter and 6 receivers!!


6 Pack Deal: $295

All nine flash guide collector cards!

6 flashes and Master Learning Guide Autographed CD (LOL!)  with flash guide cards- $295 includes FREE shipping





The Happy Flasher Deal: $595

Brand new set, USA warranty!!


6 flashes and Master Learning Guide with flash guide cards- PLUS

Tiny Triggers- 1 Transmitter 16ch and 6 Receivers

$595 for the entire rig!! Includes FREE shipping!

Wow, that is about the cost of one Nikon SB900 or Canon 580EXii!!

If interested leave a comment or contact me at scott@scottrobertgallery.com


May 14, 2013 - 12:01 am

Sagar - Hi Scott,

I am so obsessed with the workshop “Crazy Stupid Light” which is happening currently and decided to purchase couple of flashes and transmitters/receivers for Canon (I use T2i). Can you please let me know if you have the manual flashes still available as I see they are sold out in your website. I am a newbie in flash photography. so, could you suggest me on which flashes to go on with. Also, can you let me know if the CD is available for free with the purchase of these flashes and transmitters/recievers.

Thank you for the incredible workshop. I am excited and looking forward for the next 2 days of workshop

May 14, 2013 - 9:28 pm

admin - It’s not sold out, go ahead and purchase again!

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