Booking the Bride- Interview with Amy Zellmer

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 A candid and lively discussion on booking brides with my long time friend Am Zellmer. Five years ago when NO ONE knew who I was, she was instrumental in helping me establish my teaching career. She was the first to introduce me to WHCC who is now my sponsor. Listen in as we talk about

  • Booking brides
  • Earning top dollar
  • When to raise prices
  • How to book destination weddings
  • How to market yourself with zero budget
  • How to close a deal, etc.

This interview is packed with a lot of great information.

Here’s what others had to say about this interview…

Kristopher K-Rod Rodriguez


“Listened to your interview with Amy Zellmer on My Photo Biz Coach. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of those aspiring to be “$10,000 Wedding Photographers”. All of your tips were so genius but at the same time simple. Found myself saying through the whole thing “wow that makes sense” or “why didnt I think of that”. Thank you again and keep shooting!!” – Kristopher K-Rod Rodriguez, Burlington, Wisconson





Darrell Lee



“Great listen. I really needed to be reminded to keep pushing forward and remember that I’m still a work in progress.” Darrell Lee, San Mateo, CA

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