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Internationally acclaimed, master photographer and Sony Artisan, Scott Robert Lim was awarded the prestigious 2009 Kodak Award. He  also has earned his Photographic Craftsman degree from PPA, the world’s largest professional photography organization and is considered a leader in education. To his credit he has more than 70 international awards of excellence and selected World’s Top Ten Wedding Photographers, Top 10 Most Influential Photographers and Top 100 Most Socially Influential Photographers. His work has been published in books and magazines distributed to millions of readers internationally and has taught and mentored many professional photographers around the world. Scott is a popular international wedding photographer and speaker with an exciting and inspirational style.

Key Accomplishments

*Sony Artisan
*World’s Top 10 Wedding Photographers, Bill Hurter, March 2015
*Top 10 Most Influential Photographers, Shutter Magazine 2014
*Top 100 Most Socially Influential Photographers featured in Huffington Post, Forbes
* WPPI Master Photographer, Accolade of Outstanding Photographic Achievement (AOPA)
* PPA Photographic Craftsman Degree (Cr. Photog) Highest merit for teaching, mentoring, etc.
* Top 5 rated creativeLIVE workshop all time
* 2009 Kodak Award Winner
* Top 50 Wedding Industry Leaders, Cosmo Bride, China, Oct 2012
* Awarded over 70 International Awards

Press and Accolades

*Featured Sony Alpha Universe | Bio | Articles 2018
*Creative Live Two Day Workshop “Portrait Fundamentals” 2017 (22K students)
*Keynote Speaker, “The Societies of Photographers”, London, UK 2018
*Keynote Speaker, “Sony Be Alpha Events”, Los Angeles, Utah, San Francisco, Chicago  2018
*Instructor, Sony Kando Event 2.0, Monterey, CA, May 2018
*Keynote Speaker Mid America Photography Symposium, May 2017
*”World’s Top Wedding Photographers: Top 10 Photographers Share the Secrets Behind their Incredible Images” by Bill Hurter
* Shutter Fest 2015 Educator
* Top 100 Most Socially Influential Photographers
* WPPI Platform Speaker, 2018, 2016, 2014, 2013
* Top CreativeLive workshop, May 2013
* Imaging USA Platform Speaker, 2013
* International Masters of Photography, Vol 1, pg 4
* Published in  “The Best Senior Portrait Photography” by Bill Hurter
* Platform Speaker, WPPI U, Sept 5-6, Portland, OR
* Social Media Network- 12,000 Twitter followers, 5,000+ Facebook Friends
* Featured Cosmopolitan Bride/China, July 2012
* Featured Images, New York Daily News, May 13, 2012
* Five Accolades of Excellence, WPPI 16×20 and Album Competition, Feb. 2012
* 2012 WPPI Platform Speaker, Las Vegas, NV  February
* Smugmug Sponsored Artist
* Featured in  Rangefinder Magazine, January 2012,, four page article, pg124
* 12 Accolades of Excellence, WPPI Second Half, International Competition, Dec. 2011
* 12 Accolades of Excellence, 1 major award, WPPI 16×20 Comp, Feb. 2011
* Awarded Accolade of Outstanding Photographic Achievement, WPPI
* 17 Accolades of Excellence, 1 major award, WPPI, 2nd Half Comp. Nov. 2010
* Awarded Photographic Craftsman degree, PPA 2011
* 2011 Imaging USA Platform Speaker, San Antonio, Texas, January 16th
* Speaker USC Marshall School of Business, Alumni Career Day
* Featured interview PPA Today Blog, January 4, 2011
* Featured in Cosmopolitan Bride/China, August 2010
* Featured interview in Professional Photographer Magazine, July 2010
* Top 50 wedding photography blogs #5 by Photography Colleges
* Published in “Wedding Photography- Advanced techniques for digital photographers by Bill Hurter, May 2010
* Featured interview with Kerry Garrison, Camera Dojo, Podcast #77, March 2010
* Published WPPI Album 2009, Cover Image, 15 award winning images featured
* Featured Digi Magazine, Nov 2009, three page spread
* Published in photography book Master Posing Guide for Wedding Photographers by Bill Hurter, May 2009
* Inducted into The Society of Excellence, WPPI Accolade of Photographic Mastery, APM, Feb 2009
* Kodak Award of Distinction, 2009 WPPI Awards Ceremony, Feb 2009
* 15 Accolades of Excellence- WPPI International Print Contest 2009
* WHCC National Speaker
* Featured photographer in Rangefinder Magazine, March 2007, May 2007, Nov 2008
* Featured photographer in Studio Photography Magazine, March 2006
* Featured photographer in Los Angeles Weddings, Fall 2006, Winter 2006
* Featured photographer Double Exposure, July 2006
* Published Baltimore Orioles Magazine, May 2006
* Published in photography book Existing Light by Bill Hurter, Dec 2008
* Published in photography book Photos That Inspire by Lynne Eodice, Oct 2007
* Published in photography book Master Lighting Guide by Bill Hurter, Dec 2007
* Art Center of Pasadena Graphic Design Contest Winner
* Photography Chairman, Rotary Club of Los Angeles
* Master Instructor for international photography school, Image Explorations, Victoria, BC, July 2008, July 2009
* National speaker for numerous chapters of PPA (Professional Photographers Association)
* Award Winner of WPPI International Album Contest 2006, 2007
* Award Winner of WPPI International Print Contest 2005
* Keynote speaker of LearnDSLRs Inaugural Conference at L.A. Convention Center, 2006
* Created  an online photography learning center
* Created a worldwide image gallery with over 1.5 million visits
* Featured photographer for one of the worlds most popular slideshow software, Pro Show by Photodex
* Created a photography blog that generates 10,000 visits per week
* Featured Interview by Tips from the Top Floor, an international award winning podcast, Nov, 2005
* Featured photographer, David Jay slideshow software
* Featured photographer, Imagenomic image enhancing software




Scott was born and raised in the California, San Francisco area. He studied mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley and moved to the Los Angeles area in 1987 where he met his wife Stacey and were married in 1989. Scott and Stacey have two children and happily reside in the Pasadena area. His story can be read at

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