Going Home…(a tribute to Dad)

My beloved father resting peacefully with my mom, two sisters, brother-in-law and myself. This picture means a lot to me… together as a family we saw our father into his next life just a few hours after this photo. Moments of sadness, joy and love.


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January 23, 2013

The Decision…

I flew in from Atlanta directly to see my dad because he’s taken a turn and as a family we decided to stop life assist and let him rest peacefully and go home to the Lord. We dont know how much longer he has but the Lord is keeping him strong and is peacefully resting. We know many people are praying for him and perhaps someone really needs to see him on this side of life. Our family has had a long time to prepare for this and we are at peace and know he deserves better so we can let him go to his precious Lord.

I share this because I want those who knew him to know the latest. Our family can not thank you enough for all your prayers and support. Dad is leaving a tremendous legacy for us to follow. We love u dad!!

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January 24, 2013

Going Home…

He opened his eyes and I could tell he knew I was with him because I could see his eyes fill with a few joyful tears. It was physically impossible for dad to speak but no words were needed, I knew he loved me dearly and he knew likewise.

To see each other one last time was a blessing- the icing on top of the cake, just a small tidbit gently sprinkled on a mountain of love he created with almost 50 years of loving me. I have no right to selfishly demand for more- although my heart tells me differently.

The family was all there together during his last hours and we laughed with joy and cried quietly as we recanted his last words and stories that capped off his illustrious legacy he left with us- just how he would want his last moments spent, with the family all together, laughing. God was truly gracious right to the end.

I will miss you dad, your last days were too hard and you deserve better- so we let him peacefully rest. We know without the sting of death there is no joy of life. All those that knew him will remember his cheerful and caring smile and the immense joy he brought to this world.

We love you dad, more than ice cream as my 7 year old daughter would say. You are home with the Lord, you fought the good fight and you’re one of God’s best little soldiers as your big sister proclaims. She told me she still remembers taking you to your first day of school. I could not hold back my emotions as I remember like yesterday you taking me to my first day of school .

I was blessed to see your last few breaths on this earth and now I see the stillness of your body and know you are home with the Lord. Our sadness is deep and our joy complete as you are now free to be “Bob” again.

I love you Dad!

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January 25, 2013

The Day After…

I just wanted to thank everyone for your comments, likes, prayers, well-wishes, good vibes, etc! I find that writing about my experiences helps me cope and gives me closure about things- i guess it is like journaling but I just publicly do it in front of 5,000+ friends! LOL! You guys are so kind to read my thoughts..

My family is doing very well, we are just so happy to send dad onto his next life because he was really suffering, quite honestly it was a miracle that he lasted through Christmas because his body was ravaged inside as we found out later but that was God’s gift to us and to his family to see and talk to him as “Bob”. The dude was really tough, never complained. We can now look back at those hard last days with joy and joke and laugh about how Dad use to order us around and how he use to worry about insignificant things but when you are going through it, it was a lot of pressure on my mom and my sisters who had to take the brunt of it, care for him and see him suffering and in great pain. While I on the other hand got to travel the world and live my passion so I had it easy. Much love to my Mom and Sisters who really cared for Dad in his last days and handled all the pressure and stress.

There is a calmness and a peace in our house and I know your prayers have helped but of course there are moments where you just start to break down and you feel such great loss. I’m sure it will be that way for awhile but our family is managing well despite it all. We are going to the hospital to sign papers, etc. Our father will be cremated.

You can talk badly about Facebook but for situations like this, I just think it is wonderful. My entire family found great comfort in your comments and expressions of love!

Thanks everyone, much love to you all!!

Scott Robert Lim (now you know where the Robert came from!)

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January 25, 2013 - 11:54 pm

Libby - The very best of Dad lives on in you.

With Warm Regards,

February 2, 2013 - 1:11 pm

SamTheMan - Hey Scott,

I just saw this post brother and my prayers and wishes are with you and your family. I’m with Libby, your Dad lives on in you sir. Love you man!

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