How to make a Family Video on your iPhone

What I have been reminded recently from my friend Andrew Funderburg is that you have to put your cherished pictures into something completed like an album, video, creative memory book, etc. or else you’re gonna forget the full impact of the experience whether it be a wedding, family photo session, birthday party or family vacation, etc. That is why I plan to create two compilations to remember our experiences.. 1. An album of my family Paris/Italy pictures and can easily do so with and 2. Family Video that can easily be shared with family and friends! Grandma and Grandpa want to see your pics and videos!!!

One thing I discovered during my recent family vacation to Europe was how fun and easy it is to create VIDEOS with the power of your iPhone and the newer cameras like the Sony models that allow you to transfer your images and movies right from your camera directly to your phone to edit and compile!! no need for internet connection, just use the built in wifi system! I literally worked on this video on the plane on my iPhone- the still image editing and using iMovie to create the show with music. I think there are some late night commercials that don’t even match the quality I just produced right in my phone!

Needless to say, I just found another creative outlet for myself and makes my wife happy because we have another finished product to remember our important family experiences! This is the third vacation video I have created and I can see that I’m getting better already. I will complete one or two 1-2 min videos this weekend and I’m done- I can string all the videos together and thrown onto a DVD and I’m finished before going to work on Monday! I just need to put the album together and then I will have a finished HARD COPY and DIGITAL collection of images of the once in a lifetime experience with my family.

Versailles- Sunset in Paris Lim Family Video

Three Tools needed to produce this…
1) Sony A7 (best travel camera in the world IMHO, see my review of this fabulous camera
iPhone 5 using the following apps…
2) iMovie $4.99 (
3) Snapseed (FREE) to edit still images ( they make for Android too

Technical notes: The newer iPhones do a great job with video so don’t feel like you have to have a professional camera to produce decent videos for personal projects. I uploaded the video at 720p for good quality. I exported at 1080p but I find for most casual viewing purposes 720 works fine.

Special thanks to Triple Scoop Music!!! I can now share this around the world with some great background music!!

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