Post Processing for WOW

Learn how to edit your images like a pro!

SRL shares his most popular post-processing techniques and keys to his signature style. There are many workshops that show you how to edit an image but not many that tell you why! Get the big picture on your editing, not just because it “looks cool”. Understand the techniques that win you awards and will help you create a consistent workflow.  Includes FREE SRL Photoshop actions and Lightroom presets!

Keys to Creating a WOW image

  1. Composition
  2. Cropping
  3. Dynamic range
  4. Color balance
  5. Creating impact
  6. Essential editing skills

Lightroom Basics

  1. How to add pop and wow to your images
  2. Understanding Essential Tools

Top 10 SRL Photoshop Techniques

  1. Toning – Zone System
  2. Skin Smoothing
  3. Proper Skin Toning
  4. Eye Enhancing
  5. Sky Replacement
  6. Hair Management
  7. Body Sculpting – liquify
  8. Super Sharp Detail
  9. Color Toning and Adding Grain
  10. Creating the correct resolution for prints

Alienskin Basics

Creating dynamic lighting effects

Image Critique

  1. Hands-on practice with your images
  2. SRL Student Image Critique

Next Class Sept 28th, Saturday 2019 in Pasadena Area

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Time from 9am to 3pm in the Pasadena Area.

Los Angeles Area or can arrange a national tour just need 15 people per city.

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