Think Like a $10K Wedding Photographer 5 Day Intensive

Take your wedding photography skills to new levels of success! Learn secret techniques elite wedding photographers use to capture award winning images anywhere and understand what gets brides RAVING about your photography! Not only will we teach the essential fundamental skills needed in an easy, step by step method but we will also reveal our wedding day “money shots” that will simplify your workflow and increase the impact of your photography.

Scott Robert Lim has successfully mentored many award winning photographers around the world and can’t wait to reveal his proven techniques that have transformed the wedding photography career of literally hundreds of photographers. Scott’s images have been viewed in publications and magazines around the world. He is the 2009 Kodak Award winner and is considered a master photographer from some of the largest photographic societies in the world. Don’t miss this opportunity of a lifetime to learn from one of the most inspiring and leading photography educators in the world.

Part 1: Fundamental Skills

Understanding the foundational skills in lighting, posing used by world class photographers. Learn how to incorporate classical, fashion and glamor techniques to any shooting situation. Expanding creativity by mastering essential skills and fusing them with modern styles. Learn how to quickly light and pose subjects within minutes with award winning style.

Day 1

Elements of WOW

How to Take Extraordinary Pictures

Scott Robert’s Signature Lighting Techniques

Philosophies on finding or creating great light

Natural Light

Video Light

Using Flash

Essential Equipment– a minimalist approach. Save hundreds or dare say, thousands of dollars by investing in the right equipment for the job

Day 2

Creating Amazing Light

Using one strobe

Multiple strobe set ups

Using Video Light

Hands on Training and Exercises

Day 3

Contemporary Posing Techniques

Bride- Learn Scott’s “money pose”

Groom- How to work with a groom

B&G- Feature/Compliment Technique


Hands on Training and Exercises

Part 2: Creating “Money Shots”

Simplify the wedding work-flow. Learn what shots brides really want and how to take them quickly and efficiently with the most basic equipment. Learn how to think like an experienced and elite wedding photographer.

Day 4

Think Like a $10K Wedding Photographer

Wedding day workflow

Essential “Money Shots”

Putting it All Together- Live shoot at a venue

Finding Natural Light

Using Video Light

Shooting details

Reception Lighting

Sandwich Lighting


Day 5


How to Establish a Successful Wedding Business

10 Steps To Remarkable– What it takes to be a world class photographer

Critique and Q and A


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